Megapoxy 108

MEGAPOXY 108 is a rapid set liquid epoxy binder for use in civil engineering applications where early development of high strength is essential. Typical application is splicing of bridge piles where fast development of high compressive and impact strength is required so that pile driving can be resumed as soon as possible. Tests conducted on samples drawn during splicing operations showed compressive strengths in excess of 95Mpa after 2 hours at 22°C.

MEGAPOXY 108 is a hydrophilic resin, i.e. it will cure in presence of moisture.

MEGAPOXY 108 mixed with silica 50N sand provides a rapid set epoxy mortar suitable for high strength repairs to precast concrete.


Properties cured

Ultimate compressive strength 120 MPa
Ultimate Flexural strength 55 MPa

Instructions for use

Mixing Proportions 4 parts ‘A’ to 1 part ‘B’ by volume
Working Time 8 minutes at 25°C
Initial Cure 30 minutes at 25°C
90% Cure 2 hours 2 hours at 25°C
Full Cure 6 hours at 25°C

MEGAPOXY 108 mortar : Premix in a plastic bucket one volume of mixed

MEGAPOXY 108 (4 parts ‘A’ and 1 part ‘B’) and while mixing add gradually three volumes of silica 50N sand. For mixing use slow speed (approx 200 rpm) drill fitted with a propeller type stirrer. For safety information please refer to



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