Megapoxy H


Epoxy concrete binder, wet to dry concrete adhesive. Repairs of cracked concrete, underwater and splash zone repairs. With dry aggregate: Non-slip floors. wear resistant floor toppings. Rail and machinery grouting, bridge load bearing pads.

Product specification Appearance

Resin Clear liquid
Hardener Clear liquid
Mixed viscosity at 25°C 300 – 800 cps
Specific gravity 1.1
Flash point Above 100°C

Properties uncured

Mixing ratio by volume Part A: 3 parts
Part B: 1 part
Pot life (1 litre mix): 30 minutes at 25°C
Cure time

Pot life (1 litre mix): 30 minutes at 25°CCure time

48 hours at 5°C
36 hours at 15°C
24 hours at 25°C
12 hours at 35°C
Tack-free time (thin film initial cure) 6 hours at 15°C
4 hours at 25°C
2 hours at 35°C

Mixing procedure

Measure out 3 volumes of part A and 1 volume of part B. Place into a clean mixing vessel, such as a plastic bucket and stir thoroughly. If aggregate is to be used, add gradually while mixing fine aggregate first, followed by slow addition of coarse aggregate. Thorough mixing is essential. Incomplete mixing will result in poor physical properties.


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