Megapoxy Mega Tread

MEGA-TREAD is a heavy duty anti-slip trowelable compound with granular silicon carbide and other mineral infill.

MEGA-TREAD is ideally suited as an anti-slip coating or strip on concrete, stone, ceramics, fibreglass and metal surfaces, internally and externally.

Product Specification

Appearance Part A, Part B, Part C
Pot Life 30 minutes at 25o C
Tack Free Time 4 hours at 25o C
Cure Time 24 hours at 25o C
Volume of 1 kg kit 1,2 Kg


1mm thick 1m2
2 mm thick 0,5m2
10mm wide X 5mm depth 12 lineal metres

Surface preparation


Metals should be grit blasted to AS CK 9.4 Class 3 finish.

If this is not possible, mechanically abrade to clean bright metal surface and degrease by flooding the abraded surface with MEGAPOXY Degreaser.

Wire brushing is not entirely satisfactory and gives minimal adhesion only.


Concrete should be free from grease and oil. If necessary, clean with industrial heavy duty degreaser. When clean, remove surface laitence. This is best done by mechanical abrasion such as scabbling, grit blasting or grinding. If this is not possible acid etching must be carried out. Mix concentrated hydrochloric acid with equal volume of water and spread at the rate of 0.5 litre per square metre of concrete surface. Allow to react for about 10 minutes and wash the area thoroughly and scrub with a stiff bristled broom to remove loose sand. Allow to dry for 24 hours. For maximum adhesion concrete should be surface dry.

Painted surfaces


Steps should be taken to remove all paint. Good quality paint stripper should be used, followed by grit blasting.


The surface may be either flame-cleaned, or mechanically treated with a scutching tool. Complete the preparation by grinding or scabbling.

Safety Tread Bars

Tread bars require the height of at least 0,5 mm. The use of 2 layers of regular masking tape should be sufficient to achieve a non slip tread bar.

Mixing Procedure

Wear supplied disposable gloves, safety goggles and protective clothing.

Pour Part C into Part A first, mix well until uniform then add Part B and mix again. Scrape the sides and base of the container to ensure that all the components are homogenous.

Clean up tools and equipment with good quality mentholated spirits immediately after use.


Steps: Recommended at least two bars 10mm wide X 5mm deep, 20mm apart and 20mm from the edge of the step.

Ramps: Bars recommended (minimum) 10mm wide X 5mm deep and 100mm apart.

Surfacing: One set of MEGA-TREAD will cover a clean flat surface of 1m2 X 1mm thick.

MEGA-TREAD is suitable on concrete, mosaic, marble, timber and is suitable for large surfaces of mild steel chequer plate landings, ramps and other slip prone surfaces.

Application Procedure

Cut channel using our Wet Saw Channel angle grinder or a cutting machine or cut your preferred design using sand blast equipment on the surface you intend to apply the MEGA-TREAD.

Please repair any cracks or damaged surfaces prior to application.

Clean channel carefully using MEGA-TREAD Cleaner or a good quality Isopropyl alcohol.

When working on a straight line regardless of the width, depth apply two layer of forming tape parallel to the cut line.

Ensure the forming tape is adhered well on the line and surface to avoid sipping of the MEGA-TREAD and unwanted staining.

Apply a well mixed MEGA-TREAD with the spatula in the prepared channel. Continue mixing the remaining product in the container to ensure uniformity and steady density of the mixture. Remove the forming tape before the product start to mature, approximately 15-20 minutes 25o C after the application.

Avoid touching or stepping on the bars for at least 24 hours.

Cleaning Procedures

Clean tools, equipment and effected area with good quality mentholated spirits immediately after use.


All surplus MEGA-TREAD must be removed and cleaned after use, as fully cured MEGA-TREAD can only be removed by mechanical means.

Pot life of MEGA – TREAD from 15*c to 35*c

MEGA – TREAD Initial cure

Tack-free time

( thin film initial cure )  6 hours at 15*C4 hours at 25*C2 hours at 35*C


MEGA – TREAD is supplied in easy to use, 1,2kg kits, four kits to one carton.


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