Megapoxy PF

Precast concrete articles Concrete Pipes and Tanks
Grouting bolts Fibreglass articles
Natural stones Concrete floors and stairs
Bricks and ceramics Concrete columns
Metals Insitu formed concrete



  • Smooth and easily workable
  • Simple 1:1 mixing ratio
  • Non-sag on vertical or overhead surfaces
  • Sets in 7 minutes at 25°C – 90% cure within 1 hour at 25°C
  • Very high strength permanent bonds
  • Tensile and compressive strength superior to concrete
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Can be machined after 30 minutes cure at 25°C




MEGAPOXY PF is available in 1, 4 & 20 Litre kits.

Shelf life of unopened kits is 2 years minimum.

The product should be stored in a cool, dry place.


Product specification

Colour White Black or Neutral
Consistency Thixotropic paste Thixotropic paste
Flash point Above100°C Above 100°C


Surface preparation


Metals should be grit blasted to clean surface. If this is not possible, mechanically abrade to clean bright metal surface and degrease by flooding the abraded surface with MEGAPOXY Thinners. Wire brushing is not entirely satisfactory and gives minimal adhesion only.


Concrete should be free from grease and oil. If necessary, clean with industrial heavy duty degreaser. When clean, remove surface laitence. This is best done by mechanical abrasion such as scabbling, grit blasting or grinding. If this is not possible acid etching must be carried out. Mix concentrated hydrochloric acid with equal volume of water and spread at the rate of 0.5 litre per square metre of concrete surface. Allow to react for about 10 minutes and wash the area thoroughly and scrub with a stiff bristled broom to remove loose sand. Allow to dry for 24 hours. For maximum adhesion concrete should be dry.

Painted surfaces


Steps should be taken to remove all paint. : Good quality paint stripper should be used, followed by grit blasting


The surface may be either flame-cleaned, or mechanically treated with a scutching tool. Complete the preparation by grinding or scabbling


Mixing precautions

It is essential that the correct mixing ratio be used and that the part “A” and part “B” are thoroughly mixed together before use.

Inaccuracies and poor mixing will result in lower physical properties of the cured system and, if the error is sufficiently large, the system may not cure satisfactorily and discolour on aging.

Typical cured properties

Tensile strength 25 MPa
Tensile shear strength 10 MPa
Flexural strength 18 MPa
Compressive strength 65 MPa
Coefficient of linear expansion( mm/mm/°C x l0~6 ) 40
Water absorption – ASTM D570 – 10 days at 25° 0.5%
Dielectric strength 50 HZ at 25° C ( Kv/cm ) 190

Cleaning up

To keep mixing implements and working tools clean, use Megapoxy Thinners. Use disposable rubber gloves to protect hands and maintain proper industrial hygiene. For further details refer to Safety data sheet.



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