Megapoxy PM

Precast concrete articles Concrete Pipes and Tanks
Grouting bolts Fibreglass articles
Natural stones Concrete floors and stairs
Bricks and ceramics Concrete columns
Metals Insitu formed concrete


  • Simple 1 : 1 mix ratio
  • Creamy texture, blends easily
  • Non sag on vertical surfaces
  • Rapid setting
  • Adheres and cures under adverse conditions (cold and damp)
  • Good strength retention after prolonged immersion in water
  • Tensile and compressive strength superior to concrete
  • Very good chemical resistance


MEGAPOXY PM is available in 1, 4 & 20 litre kits.

Shelf life of unopened kits is 2 years minimum.

Product should be stored in cool dry store.


Product speclficatlon


Consistency Thixotropic paste Thixotropic paste
Colour White Black or Neutral
Flash Point Above 100°C Above 100°C

Surface preparation


Should be grit blasted to clean surface.

Mechanically abraded and degreased.

Wire brushing is not entirely satisfactory and gives minimal adhesion only.


Should be free from grease and oil. If necessary, clean with industrial grade degreasing agent. Once clean, steps must be taken to remove laitence; this is best done by using :

  • Mechanical abrasion
  • Acid etching

Concentrated hydrochloric acid (muriatic acid) 1:1 with water, and spreading 0.5 litre of this mixture to each square metre. After the reaction has ceased (about 10 minutes) the area is thoroughly washed and scrubbed with a stiff bristled broom to remove loose sand and allowed to dry for 24 hours.

Painted surfaces


A proprietary brand paint stripper should be used.


The surface may be either flame cleaned or mechanically abraded.


Processing data

Mixing Ratio 1 part resin to 1 part hardener by volume
Mixing Mix until uniform grey or white
Working life at 25°C 45 minutes
Working life at 25°C 45 minutes
Minimum application temperature 15°C
Minimum Cure Time 12 hours at 25°C
Full Cure Time 4 days at 25°C


It is essential that the correct mixing ratio be used and that the Part “A” and Part “B” are thoroughly mixed together before use. Inaccuracies and poor mixing will result in lower physical properties of the cured system and, if the error is sufficiently large, the system may not cure satisfactorily and discolour on ageing.


Cured properties (typical)

Maximum operating temperature 70°C
Density 1.45 kg per litre
Tensile Strength 25 MPa
Tensile Bond Strength 10 MPa
Compressive Strength 80 MPa
Flexural Strength 15 MPa
Coefficient of linear expansion 60 mm/mm/°C x 10-6

Properly mixed MEGAPOXY PM will not stain or discolour white or light coloured marble and ceramics.



Uncured MEGAPOXY PM can be removed with MEGAPOXY Thinners.


Avoid prolonged contact with skin.

  • Wash affected areas with soap and warm water.
  • For further information refer to Bulletin No.100 an Safety Data Sheet for MEGAPOXY PM



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