Megapoxy RMF & 36


MEGAPOXY road marker adhesives are two component epoxy compositions for bonding ceramic and plastic reflective markers to bituminous and concrete surfaces.

MEGAPOXY Road marker adhesives are available in two rapid setting formulations for use by hand mixing as well as machine dispensing.


Megapoxy 36

Megapoxy RMF

Mixing Ratio 

Componet A:B

By weight or volume

1 : 1 1 : 1
Work Time at 23°c 


3 10
Gel Times at 23°c 


7.2 12
Cohesive Strength time
(minutes to achieve
1400 kPa at 23°c
30 100
Slant Shear Load (kN) 

After 24 hour cure

135 210
Bond Strength (kPa)
To ceramic marker
To reflective marker




Impact Strength (Joule) More than 12 More than 12
Thixotropic properties No flow No flow

Megapoxy 36

Conforms to all the requirements of RTA specification 3554 Adhesives for Raised Pavement Marker. Also approved by Transport S.A.

Megapoxy RMF

Is also approved by Transport S.A. for fixing raised pavement markers & safety and bars where a longer pot life is required.

Cleaning of machinery and tools

Before MEGAPOXY sets, rinse and flush equipment with MEGAPOXY Thinners.


MEGAPOXY 36 is available in two tube Gun grade 600 ml, 4 litre and 20 litre kits.

MEGAPOXY RMF is available in 4 litre and 20 litre.


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